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Rigid PVC Spacer Tube

Used as protection over tie rods so they can be withdrawn, and also serve as distance spacer between formwork faces. Supplied in packs of 2m lengths. Diameters :-

22mm i.d./ 26mm o.d.  For 15mm Tie rod

26mm i.d./ 32mm o.d.  For 20mm Tie rod

Sorry no pack splits!

Cones - Expendable

Used on the end of plastic spacer tube, and removed when formwork is struck. Available giving concrete cover of 10mm & 50mm.

The 50mm can generally be re-used.

Sorry no pack splits!


A stopper made from a resilient synthetic rubber material. Used to plug the plastic tie tube and is then covered with Brisol Tieplug to form a watertight seal. Used in water retaining and highway structures inparticular. Applicator  designed to aid fitting of flupps without puncturing them.

Sorry no pack splits!

Corner Fillets / Chamfer

Manufactured from impact resistant PVC. Used to form chamfered edges to beams, columns and walls. Two types available, one with nailing flange (lip), one without. A Range of sections are available:-

25 x 25mm, 20 x 20mm,  and 11 x 11mm .

30 x 30mm and 15 x 15mm sizes available  to order. 

All sections are 2.5metres long

Sorry no pack splits!

Expamet Hy-Rib Permanent Formwork 2811--Red

A zinc coated expanded metal mesh with U-ribs to give the sheet strength. It is used on site in lieu of normal formwork to provide stop ends and a construction joint key for the next pour without the need for further surface preparation.

PLEASE REQUEST BOOKLET FOR SITE INSTALLATION PROCEDURES, this gives all design criteria for safe use of this product.

Stock Sheet Size :- 2m x 0.445m  Type 2811- Red

Tying Wire

17 gauge black annealed wire for tying of reinforcement.

20-25 kg Coil

18 gauge Stainless Steel wire for tying of reinforcement. Supplied in catch weight coils and charged per kg

Re-Bar Protection Caps

A strong high visibility plastic cap which fits securely onto re-bar ends for safety of site personnel

Cast in Kickers - Kik-LoK

Dispenses with the need to pour concrete kickers. These anchors are simply pushed into the fresh concrete along the approximate centre line of the wall being produced. Once the concrete has set, the spacer rod can be easily and precisely adjusted by pinching the spring mechanism to allow spacer rod to move from side to side. This product  reduces material/labour costs and speeds pour sequence. Prices are for complete units.

Packed 50 per box